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DearBrand Production is an expert in ASIAN Music.
The way we are, the way we think, and the way we treat you as a client contain our strength that is willing to give our thoughtful consideration to you and our projects together from beginning to end.
Our goal is to make this world happier with our creativity.
Always offer you GOOD MUSIC and SINCERE SERVICE.

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Custom Music:

Not only for cultural and traditional but also neo-futuristic styles of music are the ones our one-of-a-kind characteristics stand out. In-house production staff with a wide variety of industry experience and diverse knowledge of genres as well as a big roster of artists and creators at our fingertips.

Music Catalog:

Tell us your ideas as much as you have on your mind. We offer high quality music with fast response time and pride in ourselves with top-notch service. We can provide you with our one-of-a-kind playlists that will fit perfectly with your vision. You can hear a taste of our musical styles and concepts through the trial listening available on our website.


Bright Lights, Neon Tokyo


City Pop is a music genre started in Japan that is a melting pot of different types of music such as soft rock, R&B, funk and boogie and is a great stamp of how Japan is welcoming influences of the western culture. 


City Pop list its popularity after the 1980s but in the recent years, with the help of music-sharing platform, it regained its life gaining an international following and helping adding flavor to other genres of music giving a new name known as “vaporwave” and “future funk”.


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 Spring is right around the corner and Japan is in full bloom with cherry blossoms. One of our favorite spot to admire the flowers is a place called Megurogawa (目黒川). This popular location has been showcasing its cherry blossoms since 1927 and currently has over 827 trees planted.


Watching these pink petals flutter, we are reminded that the world can be a beautiful place. Inspired by the beauty, we at Dearbrand Production wanted to curate a playlist that captures our emotions and thoughts.


We hope you take a listen while you observe the pictures of the cherry blossoms that are blooming in Megurogawa right now.

Tokyo Blossoms


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